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Precision Mulching
Environmental Policy Statement - January 2007

“Precision Mulching acknowledges the sensitivity of its area of commercial operations; Far North Queensland is arguably one of Australia’s most environmentally sensitive areas. Our area of operation is in close proximity to World Heritage listed Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef, we believe we have a duty of care to ensure we operate in a responsible manner while undertaking vegetation management.

Precision Mulching and its employee’s whilst engaged in clearing shall undertake the application with a specific view of minimizing the impact of vegetation management to the environment, this concept begins with our company logo “Low impact vegetation clearing”.

The process of precision mulching provides the opportunity to move away from conventional clearing and its associated impact on the environment, precision mulching allows selective clearing with minimal impact to established watercourses and topsoil. All cleared vegetation is processed on site with mulched vegetation remaining in situ as valuable surface mulch.

Precision Mulching will ensure all operators will plan clearing operations to ensure flora and fauna are protected in line with applicable legislation, by communicating with property owners and commercial clients we will ensure clearing undertaken has the minimal impact possible.”


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