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Precision Mulching Features and Benefits

  • Highly cost effective process.
  • Amazing impact on overgrown land for sale, prospective buyers can walk over land uninterrupted. As surface is not compromised with earthworks land does not present as an unattractive construction site. For a minimal investment, value of property is markedly increased.
  • High effective control technique for invasive weeds such as lantana, rasberry, guava, etc
  • Compact Track Loader with mulcher attachment runs on rubber tracks not large tyre’s resulting in minimal surface disruption and ability to work in area’s where conventional bobcats can not operate.
  • Low impact clearing in comparison to alternative options such as dozers or excavators.
  • Fire hazards impinging on property’s are removed or reduced with removal of vegetation, fire boundary’s can be established or maintained.
  • Returns all growth back to the ground creating a layer of valuable surface mulch.
  • Large trees are left in place; unaffected by clearing process, now becoming features of the property.
  • Re claim previously cleared area’s where re growth has now taken over.
  • Selective clearing allows individual plants/trees to be left untouched.
  • Ideal cleanup technique after cyclones/severe weather.

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