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Precision Mulching

PRECISION MULCHING, this low impact technique of clearing vegetation is fast becoming the preferred method of clearing trees, scrub and overgrown area’s Australia wide.


How does it work and why is it preferred over conventional clearing?

Commonly employed clearing techniques include dozers and excavators clearing land and piling debris into unsightly piles which are expensive to remove or become eyesores and fire hazards in years to come.

Local Council regulations pertaining to runoff and siltation are now actively enforced; disruption to the surface can remove valuable topsoil and redirect surface water away from established water courses, destroying piled up vegetation by burning has its own inherent risks and issues with local regulations.

Precision Mulching approaches the challenge differently, utilizing a powerful Compact Track Loader, essentially a bobcat on rubber tracks mounted with a rotating forestry mulcher with tungsten tipped teeth to neatly transform all vegetation including small to medium trees to valuable surface mulch. Top soil is left in place and a covering of surface mulch is all that remains.

All of our equipment commences operations with the company from new and is maintained to a high level ensuring you receive the optimum return on your investment in time and money. The cost of property development and maintenance is ever increasing; we aim to ensure clients don’t waste funds on poor quality machinery.

Precision Mulching is a motivated new company to Cairns established, owned and operated by locals who understand the residents and the challenges of maintaining and developing property in the Far North.

Our service commitment

We will return calls, we will honor bookings, we will communicate with customers to ensure projects are completed successfully.

Our objective is simple, provide quality service ensuring efficiency and reliability, we don’t just promise it we deliver.

We service the Cairns Districts, Tablelands and Douglas Shire, and because the unit is easily relocated on its purpose built truck we also welcome regional enquires including response to cyclone or severe weather affected area’s.

PRECISION MULCHING - Tableland owned and based,
4 Blank Close Tolga. QLD 4882
PO Box 724 Tolga QLD 4882
PH 07 40 95 5526 - Mob 04 399 88084
ABN 39140043422
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