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We had a very steep and overgrown acreage block at Kamerunga and were consistently dissatisfied with the results of having it slashed. This was due to the steep terrain and rather large regrowth.

We called Precision Mulching and arranged to meet on site. In hindsight this was a very wise move as his machine is revolutionary in FNQ. Not only did he get into areas that hadn't been touched for years but the machine chopped the overgrown scrub to mulch and spread it.

A sound environmental solution and one that was surprisingly economical. We would have no hesitation in using this company again due to their professional approach and brilliant results.

Yours Sincerely,

Douglas J Norris JP
Director Pty Ltd


I brought in Precision Mulching to clean up some regrowth on my property and had basically allowed a day for the works. I was surprised at how efficient both machine and operator were and we finished the job a good two or three hours earlier than expected. The ability to only remove the rubbish and save the good trees is worth it alone. The greatest asset is that there is no debris to clean up afterwards!

I am now marking out other areas to be done and talking my neighbours as there is plenty we can do together to clean up fire breaks and walking paths.

Duncan Macfarlane


Precision Mulching reduced overgrown lantana and raspberry better and quicker that I could imagine, seeing is believing!


Pat Suene


We had a severly overgrown block which was unusable land in Wondecla.

We were unsure of how to make the block usable with out being invasive on the natural enviornment and habitats of the native animals.  When we saw the advertisment in the local newspaper we called Precision Mulching to selectively clear the lantana and undergrowth without having to destruct the beauty of the wooded environment. We now have a totally different, manageable and enjoyable environment that will be easy to maintain and enhance.

Thank you for changing our home with your wonderful machine. 

We can not honestly say enough about this method of selective clearing. 


Robert and Jill Lindsay


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